The capital and largest city of Japan is Tokyo, the financial and commercial center of the country, with a population (1993 est.) of 7,927,100. Other leading cities, with their 1993 estimated populations, are Yokohama (3,250,500), with excellent harbor facilities, a leading seaport and shipbuilding and industrial center, with manufactures including chemicals, machinery, and metal and petroleum products; Osaka (2,495,300), an important seaport and airline terminus and one of Japan’s largest financial centers; Nagoya (2,095,400), a manufacturing center which is noted for its lacquerware, textiles, and pottery; Kobe (1,468,200), a leading seaport and shipbuilding and transportation center; and Kyoto (1,456,500), famed for the manufacture of art goods, including silk brocades and textiles, and a center of heavy industry. More than 70 other cities have populations exceeding 250,000.